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Michael Sandifer

Michael graduated from Baylor University. While he was there, he was a member of the Varsity Football team, which won the Peach Bowl Classic in 1979.

After graduating, he went to work as a staff auditor for Arthur Andersen & Co. in Houston, TX. One of his first assignments was auditing a T. Boone Pickens company called Mesa Limited Partnership, where he became familiar with all aspects of financial statements. A year later, he moved to Nashville, TN, and continued in accounting with Rayburn, Betts & Bates, CPA's,where he prepared taxes and audited various clients, many of whom were in the music entertainment business.

In 1999, Michael became an Investment Representative with Edward Jones Investments. He opened an office in Nashville, where he began helping clients plan their future and manage their investments. 

In 2001, Michael established Sandifer Investment Group, LLC, to concentrate his efforts on helping a select group of clients, using more of a consulting and advising approach to financial planning and investments. In 2010, Michael moved his office to Brentwood, TN.